Brandhofer SFX



Alleestraße 12, A-3400 Klosterneuburg
+43 676 666 19 99
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Fight coordination & Choreography

Qualified trainers for conception, coordination and performance of fight choreographies for film, theatre and show. Safe and effective only if well exercised before. Stuntdoubles for all kinds of stage combat.

Vehicle stunts

All kinds of car stunts. Motorbike stunts. Conception, coordination and performance.

Body stunts / falls

You say where and we hit the ground. Conception and performance of stunts and doubling of any kind. Stairfalls, highfalls, …

Training & mentoring for actors

From safety guidance in vertiginous altitudes to motivation on slapping passionately. Support above and under water. Training for actors and coaching of performers on set.

Individual training and coaching for actors

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